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Latin American Studies: All Disciplines

A guide to select databases, library resources, links, and tips for researchers to find, access, and manage quality information sources in all disciplines of Latin American Studies.


Looking for primary sources online? There are a plethora of resources on the web to find digitized printed books, manuscripts, newspapers, images, archival documents, music, film, and video with Latin American & Caribbean content.

This section is organized into 3 geographic sections with a mix of primary-source types:

  • World: databases with digital primary sources from all over the globe
  • Latin America & Iberia: websites that cover multiple countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and/or the Iberian Peninsula 
  • Country-Specific: websites dedicated to the patrimony of distinct countries 

And 3 sections dedicated to specific media:


The following databases contain digitized content from all over the world, including texts from and about Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin America & Iberia

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News & Newspapers

Film & Video

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