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This library guide supports potential and current Tulane Globus users. Learn about this product, including how to gain access, explore resources, and get support.


1. Who has access to Globus at Tulane?

Globus is currently available by request for Tulane researchers. If you or your team would like to use Globus, please contact Tulane IT at


2. Can I use Globus to manage sensitive data?

Globus at Tulane is not currently able to manage PII, PHI, CUI, or other sensitive data types. If you are interested in using Globus to manage sensitive data, please contact the IT Business Relationship Management group at 


3. Which browsers does the Globus web user interface support?

The Globus web user interface is tested and verified to work on the most recent desktop version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Earlier versions of these browsers, as well as other desktop browsers (e.g. Opera) and mobile/touch-based browsers, may experience loss of functionality and/or distorted visual effects. Limited or no support may be available for such browsers.


4. How does Globus ensure my data is secure?

Globus uses a "data channel" for moving data between two endpoints. This data channel is established directly between the source and destination endpoints and cannot be accessed by Globus, only by the GridFTP servers running on the endpoints.

More information regarding security can be found at


Have more questions about Globus? Learn more at their FAQ page.

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