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Tulane University's Contributions to Health Sciences research and education: A Guide: Dr. Paul C. Beaver

Distinguished Tulane Medical and Public Health Faculty and Tulane Health Sciences Alumni. Selected highlights on their contributions to medical science.


Paul C. Beaver

Paul Chester Beaver, PhD. (1905-1993)


Chairman, Department of Tropical Medicine (SPHTM), 1956 - 1976
William Vincent Professor of Tropical Diseases and Hygiene
Director, International Center for Medical Research and Training, Columbia, 1967 - 1976

Dr. Beaver enjoyed international recognition for his work in parasitology and tropical medicine. Remembered as generous with his students, Dr. Beaver refused to allow his name to be included on publications based on a student's research. Had he done so, it has been said, his 150+ publication number would have doubled.

Dr. Beaver was also noted for his work on the diagnosis of parasites in tissues, the biology and control of infections with intestinal helminthes, among many, many other subjects. He served on many national and international panels and committees, including the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical Medicine, while also serving as editor of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene for 20 years.

Upon his retirement from Tulane, the Paul C. Beaver Fellowship was created to support graduate student education.

In Memoriam

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