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Education (Teacher Certification) Collection Policy

Program Description

Education is the essential work of Tulane University as is reflected in its mission statement. All faculty who teach are involved in this enterprise, as are a wide range of professional, technical, and support personnel working in areas such as administration, libraries, instructional development, network infrastructure, fundraising, student services, athletics, and physical plant. In addition, Tulane has a new Teacher Preparation and Certification Program (TPCP). Tulane students in the program choose major and minor courses offered throughout the university then select their choice of dance (k-12), primary education, or secondary education teaching areas. Education courses offered at Tulane include EDLA 2000 Education in a Diverse Society, EDLA 2890 Service Learning, EDUC 3400 Classroom Management, as well as a range of courses in teaching methods. Student Teaching or internship (EDUC 6900 or EDUC 6950) is completed after graduation. The program, which is part of Newcomb-Tulane College, leads to a teaching certificate from the State of Louisiana, which can be used to obtain certification in other states through recipricol arrangements. The program has a full time director, assistant director, assessment and accreditation coordinator, three professors of practice as well as two adjunct lecturers. Through its Psychology Department Tulane offers a major in Psychology and Early Childhood Education that requires students to take education courses. Tulane's Newcomb College has long been a pioneer in early childhood education through its Newcomb Children's Center, which is run as a working laboratory by faculty, staff, and students. Within the Center, the Newcomb College Nursery School offers half-day sessions to New Orleans children and the Newcomb Child Care Center has been offering day care since 1980.

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