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Economics Library Guide

Research tools for economics.


Welcome to the ECONOMICS library guide!

This guide provides you with resources to help with your teaching, learning, and research. Subject guides like this provide access points to popular and frequently used resources in a specific discipline. Consult the following list for a description of each guide page:

Background Info This page provides access to information resources that help ground your understanding of economics and its history.
Find Articles This page offers a list of reputable economics databases and journals that house scholarly articles.
Find Books Looking for a book to complete your teaching, learning, and/or research? Look no further! This page provides information on finding economics books.
Find Working Papers Working and white papers provide information needed to advance your understanding of research in economics.
Statistics & Data Considering the importance of data use in subjects like economics, this page has been created to help you find the data resources you need to complete your teaching, learning, and/or research task. This page will open up a new library guide titled Statistics & Data for the Social Sciences.
Websites This page features important websites about economics across the world.
Keeping Current This page provides access to resources about economics research trends.


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