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Communication Collection Policy

Program Description

The Department of Communication offers major and minor bachelor degrees in Communication Studies. The Department also offers major and minor degrees in Film Studies and contributes to the Digital Media Production coordinate major. Sixteen faculty and seven adjunct instructors provide critical instruction for over 150 majors. Core research and program objectives include: the impact of globalization on cultural studies, popular texts, and communication politics; the role of new media technologies in historical and current contexts; multiculturalism and the role of cultural identity in interpersonal relationships, cross-cultural interactions, and social movements; as well as the comparative state of democracy and citizenship in rhetorical argument and institutional practice. Courses contribute to the development of a critical understanding of rhetoric, communication theory, consumerism, film studies, new media, and cultural politics.

​Affiliated program: Film Studies

Department Contact

Librarian: Michelle Gibeault

Title: Scholarly Engagement Librarian for the Humanities

Librarian Phone Number: (504) 247-1821

Librarian Email:


Book Chair: Michele White (books); Mohan Ambikaipakur (film)


Dept Chair: Mauro Porto


Dept Web Site: Department of Communication

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