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Communication Collection Policy


The library collects journals, monographs, monographic series, conference proceedings, visual media, and specialized reference works with particular emphasis given to scholarly editions. Popular works are carefully considered for their suitability for research and instruction on a title by title basis. Textbooks, dissertations, manuscripts, and most collections of previously published materials are not regularly sought.


Journals, monographs, monographic series, proceedings, and reference works are generally purchased as printed text. To broaden accessibility, journals are sought online when this format is available. Print journals may be canceled to reduce costs when ownership of the online version is assured. Online access that requires additional costs with a print subscription will be sought selectively. Other formats are considered, especially when the alternative format would improve access or utility. DVD Region 1/NTCS is preferred for visual recordings however, VHS cassette tapes and multi-region DVDs will be considered on a case by case basis.

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