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Need a Standard?

Are you looking for a standard for your research or projects that we currently do not have? We may be able to help! Please email and provide the title of the standard, the organization or agency who owns the standard, as well as the standard code 

Finding Standards

Whereas information pertaining to the name and number of the standard is fairly easy to locate, finding and accessing the full text of a standard may be a difficult task. This is because standards can be classified as:

  • Propriety - For internal or private use (e.x., standards to follow within a company). Virtual impossible to locate. 
  • By Consensus- Created by a standards developing organization (ex., ASTM, ASME, IEE). These standards are usually very expensive. Creating standards is a lengthy and costly process. The purchase of a written standard goes towards the cost of writing said standard
  • Governmental - Created by federal government agencies (e.x., FDA, DOT). Often freely available to the public. Assigned by regulating code of that governing body

Locating Standards via Library Databases

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