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Music Library Guide

This guide gathers together the core resources for initiating and supporting your research in music available to the Tulane community.

E-Scores for Study & Performance

The resources offered here are a combination of open access and subscription database resources. There is some over lap in their offerings but it is very likely if you can't find the work you are looking for in one database you may find it in another. For those looking for scores to use in competition, please be sure that you are are using an edition that meets the requirements of the competition you are entering.


Physical Scores for Study & Performance

Each tab provides ranges of call numbers you can browse on the shelves for specific types of music for each instrument. You will also find a few recommended books on performance style and about the history of each instrument. 
All books in the M, ML, and MT call number range are located on the 6th floor.

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT405

Methods: MT402

Orchestral studies & Excerpts: MT406


Performance Pieces

Bassoon & piano, collections (including sonatas, suites, etc.): M253

Bassoon & piano, individual works: M254

Concertos: M1027

Solo pieces: M75-M79


Books on Performance Style

About the Bassoon

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT305

Methods: MT302

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT306

Technique (bowing, hand position, chords, harmonics, etc.): MT307-310


Performance Pieces

Collections for cello & piano: M230

Concertos: M1017

Solo pieces: M50-54

Sonatas: M231

Suites: M232


Books on Performance Style

About the Cello

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT385

Methods: MT382

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT386-392.4


Performance Pieces

Clarinet (basset, alto, and bass) & piano collections (including sonatas, suites, etc.): M248-252

Concertos: M1025

Solo Pieces: M70-74


Books on Performance Style

About the Clarinet

Method Books

Studies & Exercises: MT330

Methods: MT322

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT320


Performance Pieces

Collections for bass & piano: M237

Works for bass & piano (including sonatas, suites, etc.): M238

Solo pieces: M55-58

Concertos: M1018


Books on Performance Style

About the Bass

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT345

Methods: MT342

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT346

Piccolo Etudes & Exercises: MT357


Performance Pieces

Flute & Piano: M240-244

Concertos: M1021

Solo pieces: M60-64


Books on Performance Style

About the Flute

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT425

Methods: MT422

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT426


Performance Pieces

Horn & Piano: M255-259

Concertos: M1029

Solo Pieces: M80-84


Books on Performance Style

About the French Horn

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT585

Methods: MT582

Self-Instruction: MT588


Performance Pieces

Guitar & Piano: M277

Concertos: M1037.4 .G8

Solo pieces: M125-129


Books on Performance Style

About the Guitar

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT545

Methods: MT542

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT546


Performance Pieces

Harp & Piano: M273

Concertos: M1036

Solo Pieces: M115-119


Books on Performance Style

About the Harp

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT365

Methods: MT362

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT366


Performance Pieces

Oboe & piano collections: M245

Oboe & piano: M246

Concertos: M1023

Solo pieces: M65-69


Books on Performance Style

About the Oboe

Method Books

General studies: MT655

Drums: MT662

Marimba: MT719.3

Timpani: MT660


Performance Pieces

Percussion & Piano: M285.P4

Xylophone, marimba, or vibraphone & piano: M285.X9

Concertos: M1038

Solo pieces for drums: M146

Solo pieces for xylophone, marimba, or vibraphone: M175.X6


Books on Performance Style

About Percussion

Method Books

Methods: MT222

Studies & Exercises: MT225-236


Performance Pieces

Piano solo collections: M20

Solos for piano: M23-25

Piano three hands: M198

Piano four hands: M200

Concertos: M1011


Books on Performance Style

About the Piano

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT505

Methods: MT502

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT506


Performance Pieces

Saxophone & Piano: M269

Solo classical & jazz: M105-109

Concertos: M1034.S4


Books on Performance Style

About the Saxophone

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT465

Methods: MT462

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT466


Performance Pieces

Trombone & Piano: M263

Solo Pieces: M90-94

Concertos: M1033


Books on Performance Style

About the Trombone

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT445

Methods: MT442

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT446


Performance Pieces

Trumpet & Piano: M261

Solo Pieces: M85-89

Concertos: M1031


Books on Performance Style

About the Trumpet

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT485

Methods: MT482

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT466


Performance Pieces

Tuba & Piano: M265

Solo Pieces: M95-99

Concertos: M1034.T8


Books on Performance Style

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT285

Methods: MT282

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT286

Technique: M287-291


Performance Pieces

Collections for Viola & Piano: M226-228

Concertos: M1015

Solo Pieces: M45-49


Books on Performance Style

About the Viola

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT265

Fiddle Methods: MT279.5

Methods: MT262

Technique: MT267-271

Orchestral Studies & Excerpts: MT266


Performance Pieces

Collections for Violin & Piano: M218

Concertos: M1013

Solo Pieces: M40-44

Sonatas: M219

Suites: M220


Books on Performance Style

About the Violin

Method Books

Etudes & Exercises: MT885

Methods: MT825

Choral Singing: MT875

Special Techniques: MT855-883


Performance Pieces

Collections of Arias & Musical Theatre Songs: M1507-1509

Secular duets & trios: M1529

Secular art songs: M1612

Sacred duets & trios: M2019

Sacred songs and arias: M2144


Books on Performance Style

About the Voice

E-Scores, Historical Editions

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