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Music Library Guide

This guide gathers together the core resources for initiating and supporting your research in music available to the Tulane community.

What You Can Get From This Guide

This guide offers a wide variety of platforms you can explore to surface research materials, scores and sheet music, films, and recordings to support your learning, research, and teaching.

As you move through this guide, you'll find:

  • major reference works (such as music dictionaries and encyclopedias)
  • article databases curated specifically for musical studies
  • music scores & sheet music databases
  • music recordings and video platforms
  • music-centered writing and style guides
  • local resources
  • national professional resources
  • platforms and resources that actively work to expand the canon

While you may find a few video tutorials throughout, this guide still only scratches the surface of how to maximize the tools and resources presented here. Contact your music librarian, lisa Hooper, to schedule a research consultation or workshop for help getting through that research assignment or a deeper dive into the possibilities.

Logo in black and orange font, Readling NLS National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled Library of Congress

The NLS music collection, authorized by Congress in 1962, includes braille and large-print musical scores, recorded instructional materials, and recorded materials about music and musicians. All materials are circulated postage free, and some digital audio and ebraille materials are available for download over the Internet.

Visit the NLS website for more information.

Research Skills for Music

Across the disciplines there are certainly many shared skills and knowledge sets that maximize your time efficiency in research, but there are also very specific knowledge sets unique to music research that can enhance the depth and richness of your work. The following music research skills resources are written by music librarians and scholars with music students in mind.

Related Disciplinary Sources

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