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Music Library Guide

This guide gathers together the core resources for initiating and supporting your research in music available to the Tulane community.

About Searching for Articles

When we're lucky, discovering research articles and books goes smooth and easy, but brick walls and closed doors often crop up along the way. Rather than abandoning your research topic as impractical, It's your job to find a way through or around those walls. The two most common culprits that slow us down:

  • the terms and phrases we're using in our searches
  • the databases we're searching in

This page presents a number of databases that specialize in musical topics. While there may be some overlap, there's even more unique content in each. If your results are not as robust as you expect, then try a different database. Then again, even if you do have solid results, still go ahead and search a few more databases since you just might find a really important information source in one database but not the others.

If you've tried several databases and are still not getting the results you need, consider your search terms. Here's a 4 minute and 10 second video demonstrating a quick strategy for developing and refining your collection of search terms:

Popular Genres and non-European Music Best Bets

Art Music Best Bets

Interdisciplinary Databases


Whether you're looking for the latest research in musicology, music technology, music therapy, jazz, Asian music, or anything in between, you should be able to find a journal for your field.

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