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Nonprofits in the Performing Arts

This guide surfaces key concepts and deep-dive resources for people interested in entering the nonprofit performing arts sector.

Core Terminology

There are certainly more terms you will need to familiarize yourself with. However, the following terms are provided to give you an entry point into the literature and make your search for more information and learning materials a little easier.

Project Budgeting: sometimes called functional or departmental budgeting. A record keeping system that allows an organization to closely track and manage budgets and the individual project-level. Learn more in Managing a Nonprofit Organization (Wolf, 2022).

Framework or Multiyear Budgeting: An approach to budgeting that takes a long-view on financial needs and planning. Learn more in Managing a Nonprofit Organization (Wolf, 2022).

Earned Income or Revenue: This is income earned through sales (e.g., tickets, merchandise, etc.). Learn more in The Production Manager's Toolkit (2017).

Unearned Income or Revenue: This is income not earned through sales (e.g., donations, grants, fundraising events, etc.). The Production Manager's Toolkit (2017).


Terms to use when search Library Search or the Web:

  • Budget management
  • Finance
  • Financial Planning


Learning Nonprofit Financial Management

This 3 minute, 22 second video provides a brief but thorough overview of the fundamentals of nonprofit budgeting.


Building your Fundraising Skills

Finding Grants

The Library and the Tulane Office of Research Administration provide access to many grant-discovery databases. The following are the two biggest sources that include funding opportunities for the performing arts.

Additional Support:

Tulane Office of Research Proofreading & Editing Services

The Office of Research is pleased to offer editorial and proofreading services for manuscripts and grant proposals, at no charge. This service is offered to faculty on a case-by-case basis, and priority will be given to manuscripts or proposals nearly ready for submission, but which would benefit from editing for English grammar, clarity, or length/word count.

Funding and Grants Research Guide

This guide is intended to be an introduction to finding and applying for grants, funding, and scholarships opportunities from Federal agencies, private funders, and here at Tulane University. 

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