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Streaming Resources at Tulane

Links to and descriptions of streaming resources as well as how to make learning objects to embed in Canvas.

Creating Clips & Playlists via Tulane Libraries Resources

Each streaming video database is a little different but the core functionality is similar to the examples provided here.


Refer to Kanopy's help page for current step-by-step instructions on how to create clips and playlists.

Alexander Street Press

Making Clips

This two minute video demonstrates how to create, name, and annotate clips of videos the library has licensed through Alexander Street Press's video platforms. It will also show how to create direct links for clips users have made in order to share their work with students or for students to share their film analysis assignments with their professor.

Making Playlists

This six minute video demonstrates how to log into personalized ASP accounts, multiple methods for creating playlists, and how to share playlists. Although this video was created using the old user interface, the principles and steps remain identical in the current user interface.


Distribution agreements between the copyright holders and Swank are much different than many other academic streaming platforms. As a result, creating playlists and clips is not an option with content licensed via Swank at this time.

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