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EBIO 2110 -Tropical Biology

This library guide is designed to assist students in EBIO 2110 - Tropical Biology

Why Use Books?

Books  are useful for research because they provide:

  • An in-depth overview of a topic which is more focused than an encyclopedia  but less specific than a Journal article
  • Background information on a topic 
  • A general overview of a topic and how it relates to broader, narrow or related themes and issues
  • A reliable and authoritative works cited, reference list or bibliography

Find Books @ Tulane and Elsewhere

Using Subject Headings

Subject headings are words used to describe the main ideas (the subject or topic) of an item. All books on the same topic will be assigned the same subject heading

Note: If the links do not work, Copy and paste the subjects into the Catalog by selecting the 'Subject Heading' option

  • Ecology 
  • Ecology-- Tropics
  • Tropical Ecology
  • Deforestation
  • Rain Forest Ecology
  • Tropical Plants -- Ecology
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