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Bloomberg @ Turchin Library

Guide to using the Bloomberg Financial system.


The main Bloomberg function keys are: yellow, green and red. 

Begin your search by selecting one of the YELLOW keys at the top of the keyboard. After selecting the appropriate YELLOW key, hit the GREEN GO key. After familiarizing yourself with BLOOMBERG, you may wish to search with codes, rather than the keyboard menu.

Main Yellow Market Sector Keys
CMDTY: Commodities, futures, options, spot rates
CORP: Corporate Debt
CRNCY: Spots, futures, options on over 100 currencies
EQUITY: ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants
GOVT: Worldwide sovereign and agency securities
INDEX: World financial markets, economic indices.
M-MKT: Continuously issued and short-term dated paper
MTGE: Mortgage-backed security pass-throughs
MUNI: U.S. municipality issued debt
PFD Preferred securities

Red Keys for Connecting/Disconnecting
To log on/offpress the RED CONN DFLT key on the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. 

Keyboard Tricks & Tips/Green Action Keys:

'GO' is equivalent to 'Enter' and should follow every function/command to activate that page. 

Menu takes you back to the previous screen.

Page Back/Page FWD: Scroll forward or back within a screen that contains multiple pages.  E.g. To move from page 2 to page 15, type 13 and press Page FWD.

COMMAND:  A Re-cap of the previously used function appears in the top left of the screen each time you press 'COMMAND'.

LAST <GO>:  Manually type LAST to review the last 8 functions used.

PRINT:  Press print once to print the current page.  (Not all pages may be printed within Academic BLOOMBERG)

# PRINT:  # = the no. of pages you wish to print.  E.g. If this is a 5 page function or news story, press 5 & PRINT.

HELP:  Press HELP key once to display the on-line HELP and description of how to use the current function.

HELP HELP:  Press the HELP key twice to make e-mail contact with the 24 hour Help Desk.  Tip:  Use your own login when contacting tech support.

EASY <GO>:  A list of BLOOMBERG tips and shortcuts.

<ALT> K:  Display a graphic of the BLOOMBERG keyboard.

CANCEL:  Start over.

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