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Bloomberg @ Turchin Library

Guide to using the Bloomberg Financial system.

Bloomberg remote access instructions for current Tulane students, faculty, staff

**UPDATE: **Bloomberg suspended the remote access provided during the COVID-19 campus closures on June 30, 2022. Users will only be able to access the platform at a campus location.**

If you do not have a Bloomberg account, start with steps 1 - 4.

1. Request a login: Go to

2. Select "Sign Up" to request access with your Tulane email

3. After you request an account, a Turchin Library administrator will review your information and authorize your account. You will then receive an authentication email.

4. After receiving the authentication email, proceed with the steps below.

If you already have a Bloomberg account, proceed with steps 5 - 8.

5. Go to

6. Enter your Bloomberg terminal username and password

7. A verification code will be sent to your email or mobile phone. Enter this code where requested.

8. You're in! If you have questions, please email

Access to Bloomberg

The Financial Analysis Lab at the  A.B. Freeman School of Business is located on the 3rd floor of the Goldring Woldenberg Business Complex, Room 340.  The lab provides 12 Bloomberg terminals with dual monitors as well as printer access.
The Lab is Splash card accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to current Freeman students and faculty.  The terminals are available on a walk-up first-come/first served basis.  In addition to Bloomberg, the following programs are also available: Capital IQ, Datastream, SDC Platinum, and Morningstar Direct.

There is one Bloomberg terminal located in the Research Commons in Turchin Library, Room 331. This terminal is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the Excel API?

The Bloomberg Excel API  (application programming interface) allows you to pull data from Bloomberg through Excel rather than from the regular Bloomberg terminal interface.  This is very helpful for pulling large sets of data or comparing companies on a variety of factors.

How to Access the Excel API

To access Bloomberg directly from Excel, open Excel on the desktop, choose Bloomberg > Import Data. The Bloomberg Data Wizard will walk you through the process. It is one of the easiest ways to import data.

You can search for static data and data sets using the Market, Reference, Analytical, or Data Sets option; for time series data use the Historical End of Day option; and for intraday data use the Historical Intraday option.

For help in Excel,  select Bloomberg>Help from the top menu bar within Excel.

Excel Add-In

From the start menu, click on Bloomberg, and then on Install Excel Add-In. 

See the 'How to Install BLOOMBERG Add-In for Excel' guide.

Note:  If you already have Excel open, remember to close before installing the Add-In.  Once the Add-In is installed correctly, there will be a Bloomberg tab in Excel on the right at the top of the screen.

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