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Stories of the Mind: Perspectives from the Tulane Neurodiverse Community

This guide is a resource that will serve as a starting point for successfully employing neurodiverse staff at Tulane University.

Neurodiverse individuals often have a lot to offer the workplace. Over the past several years Tulane University has strived to become more inclusive. Equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives have been developed to make Tulane a more welcoming workplace and to highlight those who have been historically marginalized. ELP Team #8 chose to expand on neurodiversity initiatives.

Much of the work and commentary on neurodiversity, however, is developed by practitioners and human resource professionals who, they themselves, are not neurodiverse. Just as #ownvoices campaigns have centered the discussion of Black, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, and Queer/Trans issues on voices from those communities, so, too, should EDI efforts toward neurodivergent inclusion be focused on the experiences of those who experience these conditions firsthand.  

ELP Team 8's resource for new and current managers gives insight into how to effectively work with neurodiverse employees, with illustrative stories from the Tulane community about what it is like to be neurodiverse in the workforce, coupled with best practices from an extensive literature review.



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