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Reproducibility in Research

This guide provides resources, tips, and tools on making one's research reproducible

What is pre-registration?

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When you preregister your research, you're simply specifying your research plan in advance of your study and submitting it to a registry. 

Why Pre-Register your Protocol

  • Improves your research by increasing the credibility of your results
  • Allows you to stake your claim to your ideas earlier
  • It's an easy way to plan for better research

Where to Pre-Register your Study

Pre-registration Platforms:

Search, Evaluate, & Read Other Preregistrations:

Journal Preregistration Example:

​​​​​The journal Developmental Science is an example of a journal that is using OSF’s Registries platform for registering research prior to conducting a study.  Registered studies go through a two-stage peer review process: (1) peer review of the proposed methods/protocols with “in-principal” acceptance and (2) peer review of final results in the manuscript with publication following as long as authors adhere to the registered protocols.

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