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Transformative Open Access Publisher Agreements

Information and guidance on publisher waivers for Tulane authors' open access article publishing fees

Oxford University Press Open Access Description

Tulane University Libraries (TUL) has entered into a transformative open-access agreement with Oxford University Press, a journal publisher specializing in university press publications and covering many humanities and social science disciplines outside the STEM fields that have characterized most of the other publishers with which TUL has secured similar agreements that effectively waive the article publication charges for Tulane authors who want their articles to be published as open access or publicly available.

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world's largest university press, and its journals serve global communities of scholars and researchers by publishing scholarship and research in subject areas across the arts & humanities and social sciences, as well as law, medicine & health, and science & mathematics. Its agreement with Tulane University Libraries covers 358 of its hybrid or subscription-based journals, contingent on Tulane maintaining its subscriptions for the agreement’s duration.

The agreement is for three years, begins this month, and there is no annual cap or limit on the number of Tulane-authored articles that are covered. Tulane authors wishing to take advantage of the agreement can find more information at

Tulane University Libraries has negotiated similar agreements with other major publishers, including Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, Cambridge University Press, and the American Chemical Society.

Oxford University Press says it has committed to sustainable open-access publishing to ensure the financial sustainability of its journals while offering continued access for researchers to our high-quality journal content, appropriate prices for libraries and institutions, open-access publishing options for authors, and stable financial return for the society owners of its journals. The subscription and OA fees paid by libraries go back into the research community, rather than into the hands of shareholders of commercial publishing houses. About 70% of the titles in OUP’s journal collection are published in partnership with societies and other academic bodies.

Publishing open access in traditional subscription based journals such as those covered by this and our other transformative agreements allows Tulane authors to continue to publish in high-impact, highly respected titles but in a more widely accessible way that also meets funding requirements. It has added importance because guidelines from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy now call for the results of all federally funded research to be freely available without paywalls.

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