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Germanic and Slavic Studies Collection Policy

Imprint Date and Chronological Period Considerations

Generally, materials with a current imprint date are collected, including current reprint editions. Selectively, older materials and material reprinted on demand are collected, usually at the request of the faculty.

Germanic: Materials on German language and literature and related German studies from medieval times to the present are sought. Items on pre-Medieval German language and literature are collected selectively, normally at the request of the faculty.

Slavic: Materials on Russian literature of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries are collected; other periods are collected selectively. Materials on modern Russian language are collected. Russian architectural materials focusing on medieval times up to the early 20th century are sought. Materials focusing on Russian history, politics, and other social sciences of the 18th-21st centuries are sought; items focusing on the history of medieval Russia are sought selectively. Items on older forms of Russian and Slavic languages are collected selectively and usually at the request of the faculty.

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