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Biological Anthropology Library Guide

Resources and tips for ANTH-1010 Biological Anthropology with Professor Katharine Lee


Welcome to the BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY library guide!

This guide provides you with resources to help with your learning and research in ANTH 1010 with Professor Katharine Lee. Subject guides like this one provide access points to popular and frequently used resources in a specific discipline. Consult the following list for a description of each guide page:

Search Tips Video and text tutorials to level up your search skills in academic databases.
Find Articles Lists and links to reputable databases that house scholarly articles, with accompanying tutorials.
Find Books Looking for a book? Look no further! This page provides information on finding and borrowing books at Tulane.
Find Video Streaming resources to discover documentaries and ethnographic video online.
Cite Your Sources Unsure when and how to cite? Check out this page for style guides and other resources.


Class Plan

ANTH 1010-01: Biological Anthropolgy
Professor: Dr. Katharine Lee
Librarian: Dr. Rachel Stein (
February 8, 2024

Reminder: Your Group Project

Group project (10%): You will be expected to work with a group of students (4-5 people total) on a presentation (~12 minutes long) due at the end of the semester. You can select the topic you are interested in (based on the syllabus topics), and you will be assigned to a group. Expectations and requirements for the project are as follows:

  • Mid-semester (group, 1-page description):
    • (2%) Relevance to and incorporation of course topics
    • (1%) Incorporation of at least 5 properly referenced academic sources
  • End of semester:
    • (1.5%) Your group will turn in a few bullet points of your key ideas to be used for the weekly course quiz, which should include your works cited for your presentation (if you presentation does not have an appropriate place to put this information)
    • (5%) 12-minute group presentation (format of your choice, e.g., pre-recorded video, Powerpoint in class, podcast to be played in class, scripted performance, etc.)
    • (1.5%) A 1-page (single-spaced) individual write up that describes your contributions, what you learned, any issues or questions that arose during the process.

Today's Objectives & Outcomes

  • Meet your librarian!
  • Become familiar with library resources available for your research in this class and beyond
  • Learn and practice search strategies for finding relevant academic sources 
  • Find new and more specific avenues of inspiration for your group research project

Class Plan

  • Walk through this Library Guide + practice searching 
    • Search tips 
    • Find Articles
    • Find Books
    • Citing Sources
    • Feedback
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