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Biological Anthropology Library Guide

Resources and tips for ANTH-1010 Biological Anthropology with Professor Katharine Lee


No two databases have the same contents, search terms, and algorithms. Below are some best bets for Biological Anthropology. Test and compare more than one to do a thorough information search!

Group activity

  1. With your group, decide on a practice research topic and identify keywords and operators you want to use to find information on that topic. Don't forget to use AND/OR and "" 
  2. Each group member picks a different database from the list below to search. When you each pull up the results, compare them. How do they differ in number and relevance for the topic? How might you need to adjust your search to find relevant articles? What benefits and drawbacks does each database offer? Prepare to report back to the class.

Library Search + Google Scholar + PubMed

To look for scholarly articles (rather than articles from a newspaper or popular magazine) in Library Search, start with an Advanced Search from Tulane University Libraries' homepage:


Next, make sure to select the EVERYTHING button at the top left, and the ARTICLES drop-down as Resource Type (to the right of the search lines):


Many times, you will only want to find articles from peer-reviewed journals. Use the filters in the left-hand column to refine your search to peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals:


Google Scholar and PubMed are two other key databases for Biological Anthropology research. Use these buttons to link out to those databases--your keywords will automatically been inputted:

screenshot of Google Scholar and Pub Med link buttons on Tulane's library search

Anthropology Databases

Animal Behavior and Primatology Databases

More General Databases

What If I Can't Get Full Text Access to an Article?

If you find an article you want to access, but hit a paywall or other roadblock, register to use Tulane Libraries' Interlibrary Loan service: ILLiad.

Once you're registered, submit an article request:


You'll receive a PDF of the article by email within 3 business days!

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

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