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The Arab Spring

Tools and tips for researching the Arab Spring, a series of protests and uprisings that spread across much of the Arab world in the early 2010s.

Intro: Why Search Journals?

Below is a list of key journals in Political Science and Middle East & North African Studies that will have reputable, high-quality academic articles on the Arab Spring--among many other topics.

In addition to searching for articles in broader academic databases, try keyword searches for articles within these specific journals to see what kinds of studies and perspectives have been published on your research topic.

Note: the links below will take you to Tulane's catalog record for e-access to the journal. Click on "Available Online" and then choose the database through which you want to access the journal. Note that each database may include different years of coverage.

Political Science Journals

Political science journals may include important studies of politics in MENA-region countries, and the Arab Spring era has resulted in a number of well-published studies. Remember, though, that the focus of these articles is on saying something about “political science” writ large rather than politics in a particular country.

General Political Science:

Comparative Politics:

Middle East Studies Journals

More specialized Middle East Studies/MENA Studies journals include academic research from a wide range of subjects—history, anthropology, comparative literature, political science, etc. are more likely to contain in-depth discussions of a particular political event or organization in the MENA region.

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