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AFRS-3300-01: Blackness in Latin America

Resources for the AFRS-3300 midterm paper.

The Latin American Library

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Your Midterm Paper

See the professor's syllabus and Canvas page for complete instructions.

1. Find a news piece on a political, social, cultural, or economic occurrence related to the Afro-Latino world that took place outside of the United States.

  • Time frame: Between the 1950s and today
  • Acceptable news media:
    • newspapers
    • reputable blogs
    • reputable podcasts or radio reporting
    • (reputable = quality reporting; trusted authors/ journalists/ news organizations; citations and/or references to sources)

2. Find & read an academic journal article that is relevant to the event you chose and can help you to analyze it.

  • Remember you can:
    • apply an academic journal article even if it’s not specifically about the event you are planning on writing about
    • use the article’s conceptual or theoretical material even if it does not speak exactly to your chosen topic

3. Write a paper that interprets the occurrence you researched and its significances as related to understanding any of the themes discussed so far in this course

  • Some questions you might address include:
    • What does the event reveal about the shifting, or on the converse stagnant, position of Afro-Latinos in the society in which the event took place?
    • What can be assessed from the event you chose about the ways the Afro-Latino community is viewed & engaged with?
  • The bulk of the paper should focus on the analysis, NOT summarizing the event or re-summarizing the academic article
  • Word Doc, 5-6 pp. doubled spaced, Times New Roman or Cambria 12, 1-inch margins.

Examples of themes

Examples of occurrences

  • Afro-Latino identities
  • Relationships to national community
  • Politics
  • Social, cultural, and/or economic power
  • Music & identity
  • Transnationalism
  • any more to add?
  • The passing of a law or resolution
  • A musical event
  • A protest or arrest
  • A political nomination
  • A change in education
  • A hire that diversified a racially homogenous film, TV or news cast, or political cabinet
  • endless others… any ideas in mind?
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