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GESS 2900 - Introduction to Gender and Sex Studies Library Guide

The following research guide is a companion to materials covered in GESS 2900.

Content Warning

The content included and displayed in this resource guide will necessarily engage with gender, sexuality, and adjacent topics and themes. Much of it will be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. If at any time you have questions about the information contained within this guide please feel free to reach out to a Librarian.

About this Guide

This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to gender and sexuality studies. Its primary focus is critical perspectives on the social construction of gender and sexuality, inequalities on the basis of gender and sexuality, activism around issues of gender and sexuality, and how gender and sexuality shape and are shaped by other systems of inequality such as race, ethnicity, class, religion, nation, region, and age. This research guide provides additional knowledge and resources on these topics. As you work through this guide think about your lived experience and how this constructs your positionality.


Privilege and Positionality

The above video demonstrates how privilege and positionality intersect. Try the "check your privilege challenge" and think about how your lived experience has formed your position in society.

Bell Hooks discusses the theoretical foundations and positions that inform her work (such as the motives behind representations, as well as their power in social and cultural life).

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