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GESS 2900 - Introduction to Gender and Sex Studies Library Guide

The following research guide is a companion to materials covered in GESS 2900.


Imagine you are writing a research paper about Black bodies in hip hop. You have just begun searching for resources. You found the following peer reviewed article using a library database:

Lane, Nikki. "Black Women Queering the Mic: Missy Elliott Disturbing the Boundaries of Racialized Sexuality and Gender." Journal of Homosexuality: Language Matters 58.6-7 (2011): 775-92. Web.


Who is the author in this citation?

  • Conduct a little web research on the author - where does their authority rest?

What journal was this article published in?

  • Who is the intended audience for this journal?
  • What barriers are there to accessing this journal and its contents? (you may need to open an incognito or private browser if you are on campus or logged into Tulane resources)


Find a complementary non-scholarly resource on the same topic.

Who is the author of this resource?

  • where does their authority rest?

Where was this resource published?

  • Who is this intended audience?
  • What barriers are there to access this resource and its contents?


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