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Build a Personal Academic or Professional Website

A Spring 2024 Workshop


What to include is entirely up to you and relative to your specific needs. Possible content may include:


  • A headshot
  • Photographs documenting you engaged in your work
  • A list of your publications with links to individual papers
  • Your professional and/or personal social media accounts
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your Google Scholar profile
  • Your ORCID iD
  • Other Professional membership profiles 
  • An accessible summary of your work to date
  • Your professional interests and goals
  • Your personal interests
  • Curriculum vitae information such as your educational and work history
  • Your teaching portfolio and a statement of your personal teaching philosophy
  • Student evaluations of your teaching
  • Awards, honors, scholarships, and other achievements
  • Conference presentations (linked, embedded, described)
  • Your professional affiliations  
  • A blog with select entries highlighting your thoughts on relevant professional topics
  • Details about your lab or a link to your institution’s website
  • Embedded or linked samples of your work (audio files?)
  • A short video of you describing your work in under two minutes
  • Your contact information or a contact form.


How to Promote Your Website


  • Link to it from your professional social media accounts
  • Include it on your CV
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Put it on your business cards
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