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Create a Digital Timeline

A guide to creating a digital timeline using TimelineJS.

Why a Timeline?

Effective timelines: 

  • tell a story (have a beginning, middle, and end),
  • use narrative and multimedia to communicate key events using narrative and multimedia,
  • are chronological, develop historical context, make an argument, synthesize information, focus on details, analyze non-linear relationships, and/or show scholarship as a conversation showing change or continuity over time.

Plan Your Timeline

Scholarship comes first.
Before you begin to build your digital timeline, research, plan, and draft it in a text document.

  • What story will you tell?
  • What specific events will you present?
  • What content do you plan to use?
  • Do you need permission to use any of the content?
  • Where will your story start?
  • Where will your story end?
  • How will you handle any events that span a period of time?
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