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Digital Storytelling with TimelineJS

A guide to creating a digital timeline using TimelineJS.

Image Sources

Add Images to Your TimelineJS timeline:

If your URL ends in jpg, gif, png or jpeg, it will be used as the source for an image tag. It should also work if there is a query string after the extension, perhaps specifying dynamic width and height values.

Find Images and Video

Wikipedia Images

Add Images from Wikipedia
For images from Wikipedia to display properly in TimelineJS, your URL should begin with:

How to find this URL:

  • Click on the image in Wikipedia to open the Media Viewer.
  • Click on the blue “More Details” button to open the Wikimedia File: View page.
  • Click on the main image on that page to open the upload URL.
  • Copy/paste that URL into your TimelineJS Google Sheet.
Creative Commons License
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