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Theses and Dissertations Library Guide

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Information for Graduating Students

All students who prepare a thesis in partial fulfillment for a graduate degree must submit a digital copy of their approved thesis or dissertation, complete with committee signatures, to the Tulane University Theses & Dissertations Archive, as well as to ProQuest. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will I receive confirmation after I submit to the Archive? 

Library staff personally review all submissions for completeness and accuracy. Once reviewed and any issues are addressed, we will email you confirmation from, which will serve as your receipt of official confirmation of publication. Share this email with your advisor to show compliance with this requirement for graduation. This process can take up to one week but, during submission season, confirmation takes from 1-2 days only.

Can I extend my embargo in the Archive? 

Tulane University only provides for a full-text embargo that last 6 months or 12 months from the date of submission. Any extension beyond 12 months is a special request and is not common or often approved. Permission from the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies is necessary.

Can I edit or amend my already submitted thesis or dissertation? 

Edits to a dissertation or thesis after degree conferral are generally not permitted. If you feel that it is important to edit what you submitted, it may be possible, provided you get new signatures from your committee members accepting the edits. In these very rare cases, the updated document must be re-submitted to the Theses and Dissertations Archive (email us at and to ProQuest.

How do I contact ProQuest with questions? 

Tulane University Libraries does not intervene or participate directly in your submission process with ProQuest. You can revise your submission with ProQuest or email them at

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