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Sociology Collection Policy Guide

Program Description

Sociology has been taught at Tulane since 1895 and the first Masters and Ph.D. degrees were awarded in 1904 and 1924, respectively. Currently, the Sociology Department offers an undergraduate and supports the City, Culture, and Community (CCC) interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. Tulane sociologists use a variety of theoretical approaches and research methods to investigate the stucture and processes of groups, organizations, and societies, and are committed to excellence in teaching, providing students at all levels with opportunities to learn valuable, life-long skills in critical thinking, data collection, data analysis, and communicating research to a public audience. The Department currently has 15 full-time faculty positions and generally employs several adjunct professors each year as well. There are typically between 150 and 200 declared sociology majors on campus, but sociology courses remain popular among all undergraduate students.

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