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A Guide to Reference Sources

Sources that include authoritative facts and background material, to include: biographies, book reviews, dictionaries, encyclopedias, facts and figures, issue reports, pro/con, and more.

What is Pro/Con?

Use these resources to find analytical articles and reports written by experts on pro/con issues of the day. These reports often provide links to news, analysis, commentary, and primary source materials that put the facts in context. Listed below are some of the best online pro/con resources.

Pro/Con Databases and Websites

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the non-partisan public policy research arm of the United States Congress. CRS experts prepare reports to assist Congressmen throughout the legislative process providing background information and data on public policy issues. They provide research in the following main areas:

  • American Law
  • Domestic Social Policy
  • Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade
  • Government and Finance
  • Resources, Science and Industry

Other areas of research include economics, public administration, education, health care, immigration, energy, environmental protection, and science and technology.

Many CRS reports are updated at varying intervals, so it is always important to note the exact date of issuance rather than just the title and the year of publication. The following resources provide access to select CRS documents.


Issue Books in the Library

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