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A new authentication system for online resources.

User Privacy


The library uses aggregate data (e.g. your school, your year) to evaluate use of resources to meet the needs of the Tulane community. The library will never share these data. For your reference, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library's values statement is here and Tulane University's privacy notice is here.

OpenAthens collects detailed statistics on which resources are being accessed and collects your name, email address, and department when you sign in. These data are encrypted in transit and OpenAthens never shares information about your identity with publishers. OpenAthens is registered as a charity in England (# 1149740) with policies that forbid the sale of data. OpenAthens is compliant with all relevant legislation with regard to data retention and destruction, including GDPR. OpenAthens' privacy policy offers details about the data they collect:


Our overall policy is to collect the minimum personal data that we need to provide you with the OpenAthens service and to keep you updated about it. We keep personal data for as short a period as possible and take good measures to protect it. We’re always happy for you to check the data we have about you and we’ll delete it if you want us to – unless this would mean we wouldn’t be able to provide your organisation with the OpenAthens service.


For more technical information, one of the library's vendors, EBSCO, maintains a useful FAQ that details OpenAthens' architecture relative to personal privacy and data security.


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