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Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Guide

A Matas Library Subject Guide to support research for the care of women from pregnancy until after delivery, the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the female reproductive tract, plus the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and contraception.

Selected Basic Texts for Obstetrics Gynecology

The titles listed below are a selected list of obstetric and gynecological topics available through Tulane Libraries. To locate more titles, search the  Tulane Library Catalog.

Case Files

Selected Gynecology Texts & Gynecologic Oncology & Endocrinology

High Risk Pregnancy


   Female Pelvis (Laparpscopy) and Female pelvis (MRI)

Surgery & Anesthesia

Ultrasonography / Imaging

Pathology - Gynecologic/Obstetric & Breast

Care of the neonate

Need a Book?

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WP 1-390 Reference Works. General Works
WP 101-390 Anatomy. Diseases. Injuries
WP 400-480 Uterus. Cervix
WP 505-560 Physiology
WP 565-570 Fertility. Infertility
WP 580-610 Menopause. Sexual Dysfunction
WP 630-640 Contraception
WP 650-660 Therapy
WP 800-910 Breast
WP 800-825 Breast (General)
WP 840-870 Breast Diseases. Neoplasms
WP 900-910 Therapy. Surgery

 WQ 1-150 Reference Works. General Works
  WQ 152-175 Childbirth. Prenatal Care
  WQ 200-212 Reproduction. Pregnancy
  WQ 215-270 Pregnancy Complications
  WQ 300-330 Labor
  WQ 400-450 Obstetric Surgical Procedures
  WQ 500-505 Postpartum Period
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