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HISL 2911: The Cuban Revolution: History, Course & Legacies

Library workshop and resources for students' group research projects.


In today's workshop, you will:

  • Lay the groundwork for the research and analytical skills you will need for your group research projects at the end of the semester
  • Practice critically analyzing primary sources for the history of Cuba 
  • Practice searching for quality academic secondary sources to better interpret and contextualize your original analyses of primary sources

NOTE: You don't have to use the primary sources we are working with today--or special collections from The Latin American Library--in your group projects. We are using them as a vehicle to practice historical methods, although we'll be delighted if you make use of our resources!

Guidelines for Working with Special Collections

  • No drinks, food, pens, or bags allowed near materials
  • Keep the documents in the folders and order you found them so other researchers can find them as well!
  • Treat the materials with care to keep them well preserved 

Workshop Instructions

We will be working in a Google Doc today so that:

  • the professor and librarian and can see your work and give feedback
  • you will all have access to the work you did after today's class
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