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Gender and Sexuality Studies Collection Policy Guide

Collection development policy for Gender and Sexuality Studies

Program Description

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Tulane University is committed to the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary preservation, expansion, and transmission of knowledge to undergraduate students and to other individuals in both the university and the larger community about women, gender, and sexuality. The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program is committed to intellectual excellence and to stimulating continued intellectual growth for faculty and students. As a community of scholars/teachers/learners, GESS is devoted to the study of gender and sexuality as it takes shape and affects our lives in a diverse, multicultural, and international world. GESS is committed to facilitating critical undergraduate and graduate education and practice for social justice by engaging students in the discovery, production, and critique of knowledge that emerges from critical perspectives on culture and society.

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Tulane offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as social, cultural, and political phenomena. The program offers a Major and Minor in addition to a Graduate Certificate. Students may choose from over forty courses taught by faculty from fourteen academic departments, four other SLA programs, and four Tulane University Schools. This program was known as the Women's Studies program until February of 2009.

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Book Chair

Mimi Schippers


Dept Chair

Rebecca Atencio


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Gender and Sexuality Studies


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