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Digitize Your Sources (DIY)

A library guide to DIY tools and resources for digitizing sources in preparation for digital scholarship.

Resources Available

Howard-Tilton Memorial has several options available for digitizing analog (non-digital) documents including:

Flatbed Scanners

BookEye Scanner (Large Format)

Microform Scanners

What is a microform?

Microform is material stored by means of photographic reproduction and requires magnification to be read. Although material is increasingly being made accessible online, some is still only available in microform format. We hold two types of microform:

  • Microfilm:
    • mainly available on 35mm film or 16mm film on reels
  • Microfiche:
    • transparent film sheets, usually 4x6 or 3x5 inches
    • each sheet can hold between 40-100 pages

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library has 2 ST ViewScan III microfilm scanners located in the Microforms & Newspapers area of the library on the 6th floor, which allow digital scanning of microfilm and microfiche. 

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