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Digitize Your Sources (DIY)

A library guide to DIY tools and resources for digitizing sources in preparation for digital scholarship.

Tulane Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Tulane offers Adobe Acrobat Pro as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, at no cost, to all Tulane affiliates. Tulane's Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise group license does NOT currently allow for installation on personal (non-Tulane) computers for employees. Students may download on their personal devices. Employees license are valid for a year and must be renewed on an annual basis. Student licenses are valid for a semester and must be renewed on a bi-annual basis.


Tulane University IT is now making software available to Tulane affiliates via Apps Anywhere. Please log in to see which software you are eligible to download. 

How to Install

You can log into the Adobe website using your Tulane credentials to access the license. On the Sign in page enter your Tulane email.

Select Company or School Account

The Tulane University login page appears with your Tulane email address already populated. Enter your Tulane password. Click Sign in. You will be asked if you wish to "Stay signed in?". Say No for public computers, but you may say Yes for personal computers.

After signing in you'll be taken to your account overview page. Click View and Download My Apps.

Click Install on any program you wish to download. This will start the download. When it finishes, open the file to install the program.

You can also download the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app to install apps and manage updates. You can log into the app the same way as the website.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.