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Data Curation, Preservation, and Reuse

This guide aims to help researchers through the data curation process at any stage in a projects lifecycle.


Funder Requirements

As of 2013 the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has mandated that all federal agencies with research and development expenditures in excess of $100 million ensure the results of their federally funded research are made available to the public, typically within one year of publication. 

The specific policies in place vary with individual agencies and are appropriate for the disciplines they serve. Please follow the rules and regulations appropriate for your funder, discipline and data content when performing data curation.  

Almost exclusively, following the FAIR principles should be sufficient to meet funder requirements, but it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that any additional requirements not encompassed by FAIR are met.

Funders regularly review and update their requirements and guidance. To be assured of the most up-to-date information, review your funding opportunity announcement (FOA) and the funder web site. The FOA may include requirements that supersede broader guidance by the agency.



The following resources, although not exhaustive, encompass the majority of funding agencies in the U.S. and the corresponding data sharing policies associated with those agencies.


Registries of Funder Policies:

  • ROARMAP - A searchable international registry of open access mandates and policies adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders. 
  • Data Management Funder Requirements - A list of funding agencies covered by the Office of Science and Technology Policy data sharing requirement compiled by the University of Minnesota Libraries


Major Funding Agencies Policies:

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