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Data Analysis and Visualization

This guide was created to support Tulane faculty, staff, and students as they undergo data analysis and visualization tasks. If you have any questions about this guide or any suggestions for improved content, reach out to

Data Visualization Best Practices

Check out the following graphic by Dr. Andrew V. Abela to decide which visualization to use for your data project: 6a00d8341bfd2e53ef0263ec2ab026200c-pi (792×612) (

The following link provides information on choosing the right visualization for your data project: Chart Chooser | Highcharts

You may also find the following visualization catalog useful as it organizes data visualizations by function and type: The Data Visualisation Catalogue ( (Images are not exhaustive)



Curious to know how accessible your data visualization is for ALL users? Check out the following website for more on creating and ensuring accesible data visualizations: A Comprehensive Guide to Accessible Data Visualization (

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