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Copyright Services

A reference guide to copyright at Tulane and beyond. Includes topics related to access, fair use, TEACH act, public access policies, etc

Tulane University Resources

Information: Librarians are prepared to direct instructors to information sources about copyright guidelines and the fair use of copyrighted materials for academic purposes.  See the Find a Subject Specialist directory to locate the contact info for the librarian liaison to your academic department or discipline.

Copyright Advice: Although happy to help facilitate the use of library resources, librarians cannot interpret the law or otherwise advise instructors about whether a particular use of copyrighted material is legal in a particular context. For advice about the application of copyright to a planned use, Tulane instructors should contact Tulane's Office of the General Counsel, 300 Gibson Hall, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118-5698. Phone: (504)865-5783

We would like to thank Cornell University Library who gave us permission to copy their Copyright guide from which this guide is heavily based. 

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