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Cell & Molecular Biology Collections Policy

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library collections policies supporting the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Tulane

Program Description

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library collects materials in support of the teaching and research programs of the university's Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB). The department offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctorate degrees in cell and molecular biology. An undergraduate major in neuroscience allows a student to pursue an interdepartmental curriculum that focuses on the role of the nervous system in regulating physiological processes. The department offers a one year master of science degree program for students wishing to attend a postgraduate professional school. The department is a participant in two interdisciplinary graduate programs, the Neurosciences Graduate Program and the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program. The research programs of the Cell and Molecular Biology Department are focused on two major areas: developmental biology and neuroscience. Faculty and students pursue research in a wide variety of topics, including developmental biology, cellular neurobiology, bacterial cell differentiation, molecular systematics and evolution, and behavioral toxicology. In addition, many faculty in this department are involved with the Center for Bioenvironmental Research.

Department Contact

Dept Chair

Yiping Chen, Ph.D


Dept Web Site

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology




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