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EndNote for Tulane University

Learn how to download, install, and use EndNote

Web Capture

You can save references directly from your browser into EndNote Online or EndNote Desktop through the Capture Reference bookmarklet. The Capture Reference bookmarklet scans the bibliographic information presented on a Web page and create a reference that you can save to a new or existing group. If no group is specified, the reference is saved to Unfiled.

The Download Installers link from EndNote Online

For the Capture buttons to work best, you must be in a Capture compatible resource and at the individual item level (not in a list of citations)

Capture A Reference

To capture a reference:

  1. Navigate to the web page that presents bibliographic data. (Refer to the list of Capture Compatible Sources.
  2. Click the Capture button in the EndNote online toolbar or the Capture References bookmarklet button.
  3. Complete or modify any of the reference fields.
  4. Click the Save to button and select EndNote online . Alternately, select EndNote to save the reference to your library in EndNote desktop.

Capturing: Important Notes

  • You have to install the EndNote Online plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox to use this feature.
  • If you have the EndNote Online plug-in for Internet Explorer installed, you can choose to download references to EndNote Online or another Thomson Reuters research software application if one is also installed.
  • At this time, EndNote Online is not able to import records from resources that do not have an identifiable mimetype defined in the export file. This limitation only applies to the Firefox plug-in.
  • For Firefox users, if you have installed Zotero, you may need to unselect Zotero's handling of RIS files in Zotero preferences.

A default reference type, the type most commonly used, is assigned to each Resource. After saving the reference with Capture, confirm that the reference type is correct and all fields indicated with asterisks are complete.

Courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh Library System

For more Capture Reference information

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