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Travel & Tourism at the Latin American Library

Information, resources, and tips to navigate research on travel and tourism at Tulane's Latin American Library

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Search Tips

New to the library? Check out these Howard-Tilton tutorials:

How to do a basic library search

How to do an advanced library search

Finding eBooks

When you plug keywords into Google Books, it will search the books' full and partial text, which may bring up hits you wouldn't find by doing subject searches in library catalogs. This also allows you to preview specific pages relevant to your research. If you find a book you're interested in on Google Books, search our library catalog to see if we have it, and if not, use the resources above to locate it. 

Books are assigned Subject Headings (controlled vocabulary keywords) when cataloged, which makes it easy to search books by topic.

  1. Go to the Advanced Search page
  2. Select "in subject" and then enter the subject you're looking for in the search box

For example, say you're interested in women's role in the Cuban revolution. Your subject search could look like this:

Books are purposefully placed next to their like-minded neighbors.  Found a book of interest?  Look at the books around it!  Below you can browse subject specific call number ranges:

Spanish Literature .......................... PQ6001-8929
Portuguese Literature...............PQ9000-9499

Brazilian Literature................. PQ9500-9698.36                          
Literature of Spanish America..........................  PQ 7081-8560                 

These are just some examples of call numbers of interest. Find more Latin American Call Number Ranges on the LAL Website.

Want to browse the stacks from the comfort of home? Click on the "virtual browse" button under the title you're interested in to see the books near it on the shelf: 

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