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ENGL 1010 - Murdock-Hinrichs

Keywords and putting them together

University of Arizona has a fabulous video demonstrating a method for developing your keywords from a simply research question and stringing them together into a functional search much like we did in class. 10/10 recommend watching.


If you already have a more involved thesis, you can watch this a video tutorial showing you how to extract words from a larger concept.


How Libraries Organize Information

Need a recap on how academic libraries organize information and sort it on their shelves?

This video, created by the librarians at Pollack Library (University of California, Fullerton), explains how to read a call number, how call numbers are organized on a shelf, and how to find the call number in Library Search. Keep in mind, the video uses the Pollack Library search interface in this last part but we happen to use the same system so expect small differences but the concepts remain the same.

When You Need More

Tulane University Libraries has an incredibly large and deep collection of print and electronic resources. Even so, you may find that we simply don't have what you're looking for. The Library has forged partnerships with a number of local and national organizations that will  help fill that need even if we don't have what you're looking for on our physical or virtual book shelves.

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