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Explorers, Travelers, and Tourists

A selection of primary sources and scholarly resources for the study of travelers, travel writing and related topics.

Databases of Travel Writing

Found a citation of a published travel narrative? We may have a print copy at Howard-Tilton, but also try Google Books in case there's a keyword-searchable copy online.

Women & Gender

The following are databases that include primary source material on women. Diaries and letters may describe their experiences traveling abroad. 

The Press

Newspapers and popular magazines may provide a window into popular impressions of foreign lands and peoples. Consider news, advertising, and perhaps even a travel section when searching these resources.

Other Collections

These collections contain a wide range of material types and subject coverage.

Governments Abroad

Official government documents may also serve as primary sources for studying travelers. How did colonial administrators describe the people and cultural practices of the colonies they goverened? How are the observations of security officials different from the perceptions of diplomats?

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