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Collection Development

Collection development for the general collections of Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is a program described through the library's Collection Development Manual and its subject area collections policies. The manual is updated periodically by a Collection Management Group comprised of the Associate Dean of Libraries, the Director of the Library American Library, the Director of Technical Services, the Head of Acquisitions, and a liaison representative from the Scholarly Engagement Division. The policies are statements about how materials are collected for each discipline in a framework designed to reflect the university's academic department and cross-departmental academic program structure.  They are regularly updated by liaison librarians assigned to each academic department.

The Collections Group

The Collections Group meets monthly and its purpose is to communicate important campus or library news and to discuss ongoing collection development activities, planning, and special projects. This group includes all librarians with general collections responsibilities as well as department and unit heads from related areas in Special Collections, The Latin American Library, Technical Services, and User Services and Library IT.  The meeting is led by the Associate Dean of Libraries. Summaries of these monthly meetings are routinely distributed to the listserv for all librarians and staff.

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