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Environmental Studies Library Guide

Research support for environmental studies, including science and policy aspects of environmental issues.

Discover Books at Howie-T

Just like journal databases, the books in Howard-Tilton are organized by discipline, which can pose a challenge for interdisciplinary research projects like those in environmental studies.  For example, books on natural disaster relief programs would be shelved under HV, while works on engineering levees and other flood control projects can be found under TC.

The following keywords and phrases may help you to locate relevant works on environmental issues no matter which discipline they fall under:

"Environmental aspects"

"Environmental policy"

"Biotic communities" or "Ecosystems"

"Green technology"

"Sustainability" or more specifically, "Sustainable agriculture"

"Description and travel" or "Guidebooks"

"Conservation" or "Ecology"

"Climatic factors"

Try combining these keywords or phrases with a geographical area or topical issue. For example, the search "Flood control" AND "Environmental aspects" retrieves the following book, among others:

Catastrophe in the Making : The Engineering of Katrina and the Disasters of Tomorrow by William R. Freudenburg et al.

Environmental E-book Collections

These collections of e-books focus on environmental science and policy issues.


Ready to expand your search beyond Howard-Tilton? Use the WorldCat database to search for books, journal titles, audio, video, and other materials in libraries across the country and around the world.  Use InterLibrary Loan (ILL) to borrow items from other libraries!

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