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Psychiatry Research Guide

A guide for residents and health science students that concerns the study, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders in children and adults. Resources for forensic psychiatry are included.

Stahl Online -- Essential Psychopharmacology

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Micromedex: Search Drug, Disease, Toxicology, and more


*Academic Subscription.  Includes an online version of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, NeoFax (Pediatric and Neonatal drugs), and the RED BOOK Online. Search for drug information, including drug comparisons & interactions, IV compatibility, and drug toxicology.  Includes calculators and Care Notes for patient information.

Psychopharmacology Texts available in Psychiatry Online

NLM Drug Information Portal

Sources of Drug Information

Some key resources for identification of drug names (trade and generic). Available in the Matas Library Reference Area.

Regulatory Sources

Patient Information

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