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A Guide to Creating Inclusive and Reparative Archival Description

This Libguide provides a space for us to share the Tulane University Libraries' Guide to Creating Inclusive and Reparative Archival Description.

What is inclusive and reparative description?

Inspired by the work of Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, reparative description is retrospective work that seeks to undo the damage and exclusion enforced by traditional academic institutions “that foster an imbalance of power” (Hughes-Watkins, 2018). This work entails reviewing, revising, and/or contextualizing outdated and harmful language used in previously created archival description and to create finding aids that are accurate, inclusive, and community centered. Reparative description does not seek to erase or obscure past harms, but to acknowledge harm and amend it, often using notes, disclaimers, or acknowledgements to be transparent.

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